"Oh no, you're doing the overthinking thing again."


Confession is a short Twine game about social anxiety and also confessing (maybe) over text.

This game was designed and created within a week. Confession was inspired by my own experiences with social anxiety, as I have a troublesome tendency to word-vomit whenever I get nervous.

I sometimes overthink situations instead of diving headfirst into my problems, which sometimes renders me motionless. As illustrated in the first major choice of the game, I had days in university where I would rather turn off my phone, roll under the covers, and pretend the world doesn't exist for a little a while.


An example of anxiety featured in Confession, illustrated through internal word-vomitting.

Confession features "you" and three main characters, multiple endings (11 of them — sort of), too many puns, and not enough eggplant emojis. I attempted to emulate text messages to the best of Twine's (and my limited) capabilities.


A back-and-forth text chain with one of your possible love interests.

Each of the love interests eventually became one of my regular original characters, though all three of them went through fairly dramatic changes and adjustments. Only Kara kept her original name.

Though I'm not fully happy with the playability and accessibility of this game — I understand that it's difficult to replay the game because of the "click to reveal" feature and the lack of a "skip" function — I'm still proud of the many endings and branches I managed to create in a week.

Confess (or, you know, don't) to your love interest at my itch page!

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