You get groceries. Or you don't. It's up to you. Just know that your every move will be scrutinized.

Let's Get Groceries is a silly TinyChoice game where you, a starving college student on the moon, travel to Trader Mo's for some much-needed groceries.

This odd grocery shopping... experience was designed and created within a week. I am not sorry. :D

The eggplant — or "aubergine" — is an important motif of this game.

Like the title requests, you get groceries...

...or you don't.

Who knows? I'm not the one making the choices!

The starting screen of Let's Get Groceries. Definitely not based off my own experiences.

But I did design the game. There are two "good" endings where you successfully obtain groceries.

The other endings feature a narrator growing frustrated with your grocery choices.

The narrator's voice is definitely not inspired by my voice nor The Stanley Parable.

Get groceries (or, you know, don't) at my itch page.

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