Hi, Iā€™m Jack.

I'm a writer, editor, and game designer based in the šŸŒ‰San Francisco Bay Area.

I aim to combine my love of worldbuilding, snappy dialogue, and character design with video games. My strengths are in creative writing, editorial and journalism, and narrative design, while my passions lie in video games, other pop culture trends, and meticulous project management.

I'm always on the hunt for new opportunities to learn, develop my skills, and help game studios create an engaging narrative experience that will keep players coming back for more.

<aside> šŸ“ I'm currently the Lead Editor at Anime Trending. Check out a full timeline of my work here.


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<aside> šŸ”„ Need my resume or other game writing examples, like barks or a lore entry? Reach out by email, and I'll send materials your way!


Thank you for your interest! I look forward to hearing from you.

Fun Facts

šŸ“ I'm always taking design notes on games I play. Check them out here!

šŸ–„ļø I love building PCs. It's an expensive hobby that requires time, patience, and money... sigh.

šŸ“˜ Iā€™m a sucker for fantasy and sci-fi novels, gay romance manga, and cyberpunk webcomics.

šŸŒ§ļø Blue and white is my favorite color combo ā€” and why Cloud9 is my favorite esports team.

šŸŽµ I played alto sax for 10 years, love rock music, and adore playing rhythm games.

šŸ„ Udagawa Tomoe is best girl from BanG Dream! Here's my tier list. Fight me. :D

šŸ‘» Spookybot (or, sigh, Yay Newfriend) is my favorite character from Questionable Content.

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