"I can't find my glasses. I've checked the nightstand, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bag of cat food, the half-finished milk tea, the hallway of a thousand doors, outer space, and the weed garden, but I still can't find them anywhere!"

I can't find my glasses. is short Bitsy game about trying to find your glasses.

This wacky walking simulator was designed and built over two days. I can't find my glasses. is based on and inspired by my experiences of growing up with glasses and always leaving them in different places every time.


The title screen of I can't find my glasses.

After realizing that making games was a ton of fun following my participation in the Global Game Jam 2019, I played around with Bitsy and realized I could make cool games through its fairly simple and intuitive engine.

As soon as inspiration struck, I took this idea and barreled through the sprites and dialogue boxes. From unsubtle Fall Out Boy references to odd space trips, I wrote about anything and everything I loved, hated, and was fascinated by.

Most importantly, having the patience to talk to — and pet! — the cat nets you 18 unique conversation lines.


Ivy is a very good cat.


Yeah... I'm not sure why I wrote this game either.

Creating this game taught me that I didn't have to be a programmer or coder to make a fun game. Instead of worrying about the fine details of a game engine, I instead poured my passion and humor into the dialogue and atmosphere of this game.

Find your glasses (do you even wear glasses? Maybe they're my glasses!) at my itch page.

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