"There's a nice breeze today."

Blessings is a 2D platformer about a young elf finding their way back home.

This game was originally created during the Global Game Jam 2019. The levels aren't fully playable, but all of the artwork created for the game is highlighted in short slideshows.

Our main coder, Eli, used and refined his own personal engine to build all aspects of the game. This gave us great control over our character's movement, physics, and other important mechanics.


The title screen of Blessings. (Venacyr, 2019)

I developed Blessings alongside two stranger-turned-friends during the Global Game Jam 2019. I worked with Eli Marable and Kristen "Venacyr" Shih (with some coding contribution by Lionel "GGLionCross" Quiambao). Eli acted as our main programmer, while Kristen provided all of the artwork for this game.

I acted as the Creative Lead and Writer. I pitched this game as a platform that could potentially have multiple difficulties as I drew inspiration from the theme of "Home."

At the time, my idea of home was a mixed bag. I have nothing but absolute love and respect for my family, but we often butt heads because of our lack of healthy communication. I wanted a game that had an "easy mode," like skirting around hard conversations in real life, or a "hard mode" that would feel like you're tackling problems head-on.


Our princely elf protagonist and a giant squirrel. (Venacyr, 2019)

My initial idea aimed for a difficult platformer with various modes and endings. The "normal" difficulty would feature a few enemies and a sweet, but still neutral ending. The "easy" difficulty would be a breeze, but the ending wouldn't have much of a resolution. Finally, the "hard" difficulty would, of course, be the hardest of the three, but give the player the most satisfying narrative conclusion.

Because of the three-day limit, we ended up lacking on time to do that idea, so we settled on a beautiful pretty platformer where the player jumps around a few levels and talks to all of the friendly animals around the area.

I learned a ton about video game crunch time and the difficulties and fun of working with strangers (who can quickly become good friends). Overall, I'm proud of what we accomplished in a single weekend. This was the first completed game I've ever worked on!

Journey back home and meet some sweet friends along the way!

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