As an Editorial Intern at Fandom in San Francisco, CA, I wrote articles about fantastic video games and their impact on myself and gamers in general.

My other major responsibility was assisting the editorial team by reviewing article submissions from the Fan Contributor program and giving feedback to the writers for future revisions. After applying my final edits, I published the article through WordPress and analyzed its data using and Google Analytics.

I also assisted the community team by writing episode summaries, hyperlinking relevant articles, and proofreading user-generated content on popular anime wikis.

Articles I wrote for Fandom:

How Romance Sims Helped Me Realize I’m a Trans Guy

Published Sep 19, 2018.

A personal essay about how video games changed my life in the most unassuming of ways — and how a particular genre aimed at young women helped me realize that I'm a trans guy.

According to the statistics, this article stayed in the top 10 for articles of the week (based on the overall number of clicks) over the span of a month. This article also had the highest average time spent on the page (around three minutes) as opposed to the average of all other articles during those weeks (around one minute).

5 Indie Games With Amazing Female Leads

Published Sep 14, 2018.

A listicle suggesting 5 indie video games that showcase amazing — whether that means physical and/or mental fortitude, magical abilities, or a charming personality — female leads that may have been overlooked.

6 ‘Overwatch’ Characters Who Need More Story Development

Published Aug 26, 2018.

A listicle detailing six Overwatch characters who I believed, at the time, needed more story development to match up with Blizzard's standards. Many of the characters on that list still have not received much, if any, story development.

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