"Bitch, I made crates FLOAT!"


Tails from the Galaxy is a sci-fi universe illustrating humanoid animals who explore a vast cyberpunk world. Grounded and Stowaway are standalone games that explore the lives of different characters across the stars.

Both games were designed and created simultaneously over 5 weeks.

Stowaway covers the story of Paige Windfox, an infamous — and adorable — bandit who finds herself hitching a ride on the spaceship of wanted criminals. In this 2D platformer, you must guide Paige around cameras, a variety of crate-and-box-shaped obstacles, and even shoddy architecture to help her find freedom. But mostly cameras.


Paige Windfox attempting to avoid timed cameras while dealing with awkward gravity and crate placements. Erika "Vex" Sørensen makes a minor cameo here.

As with TFTG: Grounded, I knew the beginning and ending to our protagonist's story and figured out the rest as I was designing the game. The first screen in Stowaway simply requires the player to move "right" to complete the level. As the player progresses further into the game, I slowly add more mechanics for the player to use in order to complete the level.

The protagonist of Stowaway, Paige Windfox, was initially created as another party member and crewmate on Robin's ship, the Atlas. However, instead of making Paige another goodie-two-shoes (as TFTG: Grounded protagonists, Robin and Tallesa, are), I wanted to write Paige a more devious background.


Aside from the game's title screen, I created all of the artwork with Pixilart. I am also bad at drawing characters and ran out of time to refine Paige's sprite.


She is beauty.

She is grace.

She will run rampant on your ship before yeeting herself out into space.

Stowaway illustrates Paige's background as an infamous thief and bandit as she escapes from the Starshine, a space ship run by criminals and bounty hunters who want her head. Immediately following the end of Stowaway, Paige sweet-talks her way onto the Atlas, posing as a simple chef who has no combat abilities as she lays low from the law. (In an RPG sequel, Paige would not be a playable character because she wants to keep up this façade.)

In future games, I aim to weave the stories of Robin, Tallesa, Paige, and a handful of other characters together within this vast anthromorph-filled universe. Robin makes a cameo appearance in my cinematic script, "Fun Tonight."

Traverse through shoddy architecture and help Paige escape at my itch page!

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